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Save millions of litres of water each year with advanced car wash techniques

New Car Everyday!

Car cleaned using conditioner and wax based solution, resulting in a brand new looking shine on your car everyday


We are Carnanny

We bring you the most advanced waterless car wash techniques. We use eco-friendly products to protect the envionment and deliver you a new car experience each day!
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

Unlike traditional car washers, we have trained professioals who undergo hours of rigorous training and who take the utmost care of your car.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Pamper Your Car.

We want to be the one stop shop for all your daily car wash, car spa and care services. We will give your car the love it deserves and keep it looking new for a long period of time.

Why choose Us?

Our Method.Waterless and Eco-friendly.

We save thousands of litres of precious water each day. We use nothing but eco-friendly product made up of plant-based extract to save the environment and our surroundings.

Washes Delivered
Litres of water saved
Cars Pampered Daily

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"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry."


Included in every car wash.

New Car Shine. Everyday!

Car cleaned using conditioner and wax based solution, resulting in a brand new looking shining car everyday.

Protective Wax Coating

Our car wash solution layers a nice coating of wax on your car. This layer prevents dust from settling on your car resuling in a long lasting shine.

No Swirly Scratches

Unlike the circular hand movement and usage of hosiery cloth of traditional washers, Carnanny washers clean the car with wiper strokes of microfiber; ensuring maximum care for your car.

No Color Damage

We do not use harmful chemicals or soap in our car wash solutions! Carnanny uses ecofriendly washing products, eliminating any chance of color damage to your car.

Eliminate Rust & Paint Bubble

Washing your car with buckets of water and soap results in a lot of water accumulation in vulnerable areas on the car body. This results in rust and paint bubble problems. Carnanny wash uses less than a litre of water based solution reducing the possibility of rusting and paint bubbling.

Avoid Electrical Failure

The window/sunroof motor of your car can get damaged due to the excessive water left on top of your car. Carnanny’s waterless washing technique and highly trained washers ensure that you never face these issues.

Clean Parking Lots

Hundreds of litres of water is puddled around in every car parking slot. Not only it looks bad aesthetically, it also increases health hazards. Carnanny wash is completely free of this mess.

Peace of Mind

All the Carnanny car washers are onboarded after a rigorous background check and training process to ensure the best care for your car.

Trained Professionals

Let watchmen and domestic helpers concentrate on their core job, things that they are good at. Our trained professionals undergo over over 100 hours of hands-on training and are certified to take care of your car.

What our customers saying?

I love the way Carnanny team cleans my car with very minute details. They are absolutely awesome and my car is ready to hit the road as early as 5:30AM

Sandeep Mulund, Mumbai

The wash quality is so good that it even removes tough stains like bird droppings

Pratik Borivali, Mumbai

My car got a light scracth but apparently after a few washes by Carnanny, the scratch vanished. I was so glad to have subscribed to Carnanny’s revolutionary waterless wash

Deepak Jain Andheri, Mumbai

Very Innovative service with a huge saving of water. I will ensure it is being signed by every single member of my society.

Mr. Prashant Shenoy Vikhroli, Mumbai

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