Refund Policy

  • For any issues related to the quality of service, you can e-mail us at or call our support team on +91-70457-62669
  • Any complaints in respect of the service should be raised within 24 hours from the service. In the event that any rework or refund is to be processed for the service it shall be initiated only within the period for 7 days. The decision on whether a service should be reworked, or a refund is to be provided will be at the discretion of Carnanny only.
  • In the event that any rework is to be performed for any services that has already been rendered via a service provider (“Carnanny Expert”), Carnanny should be contacted directly on or +91-70457-62669. Please do not call the Carnanny Expert directly. In the event that any Customer directly contacts the Carnanny Expert:
    1. Carnanny will not responsible for any actions or behavior of the Carnanny Expert, nor will it be responsible for any consequences thereof.
    2. The Customer shall have waived his / her / its right to any service warranty that may have been provided at the time of booking.
  • The rework of any rendered service would be done by either a Carnanny Expert or a third party appointed by Carnanny (at the discretion of Carnanny).
  • Carnanny would be liable only for the service rendered. Further, Carnanny would not be liable for any service or alterations post such rendering of service by you or any third party.
  • Please report any payment or invoicing related issues within 48 (Forty-Eight) hours of the job closure.
  • Processing any refund is at the complete discretion of Carnanny. In all events, the maximum amount that Carnanny will pay you as compensation or refund, shall be at the discretion of Carnanny, depending on the service availed by you, and shall not exceed the service amount paid by you for the respective service worth its bill amount only or INR 5000/- Rupees only whichever is lower. Under no circumstances will the maximum amount payable to you by Carnanny exceed Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand).